A CELEBRATION OF gamified education
MetaHug DAO is hosting a series of Roblox education on how to build and create inside Roblox.

These are virtual events that's accessed around the world. Targeted to help kids around the world have easy access to learning and playing in Roblox.

It is a weekly webinar that is by design to be peer-to-peer taught. With its foundation of student-led education. The exciting and perspective-shifting learning experiences that re-orient how our audiences think about education.

We are on a mission to host FREE design and code education and give the child an opportunity to learn, play and earn within our DAO.

As they join to help co-create this new world. We empower kids to take charge of their learning and explore the topics they love through the power of play. ​​ Democratizing play. Through our DAO, our live, small group classes and dynamic teachers help kids build genuine friendships.

As parents, we recognize the potential of our children better than anyone else. By giving our children the opportunity to be part of our DAO, we show them the fulfillment of living in a collaborative and interdependent world. We are only as strong as our weakest fellow human friends, where their voice matters—creating a more connected world through gamified education.

About the organizers: MetaHug DAO

MetaHug DAO is a community-driven platform created to help children with limited resources and reimagine their lives with new children-centric directions. We support their journey by introducing innovative technology such as Web3 education. Our first initiatives will be played out in our world in Roblox MetaHug World.

Roblox is an amazing program that lets you design and plays unique and fun games. This course teaches you about creating your very own game assets.

This live class is designed for students that want to learn how to design and code in Roblox Studio.

  • Learners learn how to design and model a course like this in a 3-dimensional environment.
  • Learners will also get the chance to participate in fun games and challenges. With a variety of fun Roblox games and a little competition, learners will have a blast and learn special tricks and strategies along the way.
  • Valuable Learning Opportunities: Learn to make your own assets, become an expert at a variety of Roblox games, and learn to program using Lua.

This course is intended for learners with NO Roblox coding experience and AT LEAST  3 days of experience with Roblox Studio. 

Familiar with using a Windows/Mac computer (Roblox Studio requires a Windows or Mac computer)

Examples include but are not limited to the following tasks with little or no assistance:

  • Is able to copy and paste text
  • Open and close a window
  • Open and close tabs
  • Type words that contain both upper and lower case letters (ie. RoBlox STudio)
  • Aware of the typing/keyboard expectation, students will be expected to type/edit their own code.

An example of a code a student would be expected to know how to write on their own would be:

workspace.PartName.BrickColor = BrickColor.new("Really red")


This class focuses on the basics of Roblox Lua (computer programming).

All coding is done manually.

Scripting Basics

  • Learners practice the basics of creating scripts in Roblox Studio
  • Explorer and Properties
  • Editing parts using script. Editing objects/instances in the workspace. 
  • Variables and how they are used in code. 

Supply List

Roblox Studio is required for this course. Roblox Studio can only be used on a Windows/Mac computer. Chromebooks, Tablets, and Smartphones are NOT compatible with Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio can be downloaded from www.roblox.com/create